Welcome to Vale Recycling

Vale Recycling are keen to help you minimise waste and segregate different waste materials at source, through the use of multiple skips, bins or containers.

Our service is designed to reduce your total waste costs by offering a recycling option where it is economically and environmentally beneficial.

The re-use of renewable and non-renewable resources, where economically and commercially viable. Re-usable materials with a greater market value than the cost of collecting, sorting and processing will be recycled. We reduce the costs of waste disposal by recycling and reusing waste materials. From the waste materials received each day at our recycling centre we aim to recover and recycle approximately 70%.

You can help us in our efforts to increase recycling percentages by segregating your waste steams into separate containers at the point of generation.

Our recycling activities are mainly the processing of green and wood waste.

On behalf our waste management customers we transport other recyclables such as glass, paper, cans, vehicle tyres to other recycling companies.

Our primary commercial customers are among the leaders in UK Waste management, we also work closely with other local specialist waste companies.

Wales is becoming a recycling nation
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